How to fit your name plates

If you just use a hammer, things can go wrong, especially on an antique plaster frame. But even on a modern frame, if the plate is just a tiny bit crooked, it will show. And the wood can be surprisingly hard even on new frames so the tiny pins will bend. Therefore, this is the way I recommend fixing the Artist Plates.

You will need a ruler (or a fabric tape measure), a pencil, "No more Nails" adhesive, two pins, a mains electric drill, a 0.9mm drill bit, a hammer, a piece of wetted cloth/cotton wool, or similar to wipe away excessive adhesive.

  1. Measure the centre of frame and mark this with a little pencil mark.
  2. On the back of the plate is a centre line. Make a mental note to which letter this corresponds to.
  3. Offer up the plate aligning the pencilled centre mark with the centre line on the reverse of the plate to check the position.
  4. Put some "no more nails" sparingly on the back of the plate (if not enough you can always add more) and carefully put it exactly where you want it.
  5. Check for excess "no more nails" and immediately wipe away with a slightly dampened cloth or similar.
  6. The frame can be stood up right while the adhesive dries. Leave for at least 2- 3 hours, or overnight.
  7. Put 0.9 mm drill into chuck. Start with the chuck closed and open it gradually until the drill bit slides in. This way the drill bit should be central. Check that it is by running the drill.
  8. Use fastest speed and very gently drill out holes both ends. Do not push the drill in case you break the bit.
  9. Place the pins into the holes and then with the hammer, tap in the pins, a little bit each end at first. and then tap in fully. They should go in easily.

No More Nails

I recommend NO MORE NAILS adhesive because it is solvent free (can be wiped off with water while not set), it has instant grab and it has a screw on cap which keeps the adhesive ready for use between applications. There are other makes. Look for “grab adhesives” in building supplies merchants, such as “Tool Station” and “Screwfix”

The pins I supply with every plate are 1mm in diameter so drilling a hole with a 0.9mm drill bit works well.

Fixing Kit

I supply a “fixing Kit” with plates at £1 each (if bought with one or more plate). It comprises of a small amount of NO MORE NAILS adhesive in a tiny plastic sachet, one 0.9 mm drill and a couple of spills to apply the adhesive.

However, if you are going to fix many plates, it is much easier to squirt blobs of adhesive directly out the NO MORE NAILS nozzle.